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What are the Common Tourist Mistakes to Avoid in Prague?

I would say buying a Matryoshka Dolls is one of the common tourist mistakes to avoid in Prague. But there is so much more.
If you are going to Prague this year, take note of these 12 simple mistakes that you can avoid in Prague to have a more meaningful and enjoyable adventure in this fairytale-like city.

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Prague just like Paris is such a photogenic city. There are so many places that you can see if you are keen on Photography.
I am not a Pro in Photography but I do love taking nice photos and I just love this place so much because it feels like I am in a Fairytale setting.
Here let me show you my most favorite instagrammable spots in Prague.

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PRAGUE ON A BUDGET: Best Budget Travel Tips

If you are traveling or planning to travel in Europe soon do not skip Prague and make sure you include this city in your Europe Itinerary because well, you can’t miss it!
So let me go ahead and share with you how you can travel to Prague on a budget.

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